What I Offer & Why It's Awesome!

It is my primary goal to create sensual 'date night’ experiences for lovers that are playful, comfortable, and accessible for beginners

In order to best serve your specific relationship needs, let’s find a time to talk about what you want!

Couple's Sensual Massage 'Date Night'

Let’s set aside quality time to explore how sensual massage can be a sexy, fun, and important way to stay connected with your lover. It also relieves stress and encourages deep relaxation! Even if you are already great in bed, massage is a wonderful compliment that can help maintain the sexual charge in your relationship. You may be surprised to find out how touch can convey a huge amount of meaning to the person you love!

What happens during a date night:

Before we start the massage, it's important that we talk about our desires and boundaries for our time together so that we all feel excited and comfortable. I will guide you in a simple breathing and eye gazing exercise to immediately balance you and your partner’s physical and emotional states. Followed by a simple 3-minute game (created by Harry Faddis) to help you slow down and really learn how to notice, trust, and express touch that is both pleasurable and satisfying.  


With a combination of verbal guidance and physical touch, I will share a full-body, sensual-erotic, healing massage practice that is tailored to your needs and desires. This is not where couples are massaged simultaneously, but, in this session, I invite one partner to be in the role of 'giver' and the other as the 'recipient' of the massage. I can show you ways to give and receive a sensual massage that is simply nurturing, or ride the waves of arousal for hours, or will be the perfect 'foreplay' to full-on lovemaking.


However, this massage is not about pressure to perform or expectations to end in a certain way. It's about creating a closer connection between you and your lover through the joy of sensual touch. I promise to only guide you to at your own pace and you will never have to do anything that you are not comfortable with.

Here are some of the benefits you can experience from our time together:

As a giver: 

  • learn to feel confident using your hands in a creative and sensual way that allows you to be present with the person you love​ 

  • gain communication skills to express only what you can give with a full heart to your partner

  • how to give an extended lingam or yoni sensual touch 

  • experience the possibility of receiving pleasure through giving, instead of feeling exhausted​​

​As a couple: 

  • a wonderful gift to share with your lover that ignites ecstatic pleasure and deep connection through the practice of sensual massage

  • an easy to learn sensual massage routine that can be incorporated into your weekly schedule, it's always fun to set up, costs almost nothing, and I promise that each time will only get BETTER & BETTER 

  • new sensual techniques that provide the perfect kind of touch for you and your lover to experience more pleasure as well as relaxation

  • gain confidence, joy, and curiosity when talking about your sensual needs, desires, and fantasies

As a receiver: 

  • feel completely comfortable and sexy in your own skin

  • gain confidence in knowing what you want and how to ask for it 

  • enjoy your willingness to receive from others and allowing someone else the pleasure and opportunity to give 

  • experience new levels of arousal and pleasure throughout your entire body​

Why I recommend 2+ sessions:

I created this session so that each lover has the extra time and space to really give themselves to a particular role. The giver will have time to go deeper into the full body massage and the recipient will have a much deeper experience to savor recieving. Basically, each session gives you one of the few chances that we get in life to just lay back and receive or to give without expectation.

Goddess Body-Bliss 'Date Night'

I believe all women deserve to experience their exquisite pleasure, as well as, feel sexy and always know their inner beauty! In this session, I want to offer women quality time to expand their capacity for pleasure and beauty with a full-body, sensual-erotic, goddess-honoring massage and I invite their partner to be an 'observer'. There really is nothing like the sight and sound of your lover's orgasmic bliss.

What happens during a date night:


Before we start the massage, it's important that we first create a safe space to talk about boundaries and desires. This way we can more easily enter a state of high arousal and extended pleasure. During the massage, I will focus on slowly awakening the 'receiver's' sensuality throughout her entire body with deep breathing, conscious consent, and a loving and respectful touch. I can also shower her every inch with rose petals. The 'receiver' is always in full control of how far any touch in any area will go. Personal toys are welcomed during our time together. Clothing is optional for the observer.


The goal of the massage is not solely to achieve orgasm, although orgasms are a very pleasant side effect. My intention is for the 'receiver' to enjoy her sensual, sexual power; from head to toe, without any expectation or need to give back. As well as to give the 'observer' an opportunity to truly witness their lover enjoying her beautiful body and her ecstatic pleasure! 






These sessions are appropriate for lovers:

  • folks of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, body types, and abilities

  • long term or who just met that are looking for new ways to stay connected and share pleasure

  • who are both excited and curious (it's normal to also be a little nervous or awkward)

  • who are looking for new and creative options for safer sex practices


2 hours / $700

3 hours / $800

+optional+ 1 hour of social time / $100

I encourage you to contact me even if finances are in any way a barrier for you and your lover booking a session. I offer a limited number of discounted sliding scale appointments (available every month)

I will consider bartering arrangements. Please contact me with your barter proposal.