What I Offer & Why It's Awesome!

I hope you are staying well and safe during these uncertain times. I know that many of us are missing moments of intimacy, fun, compassion, and love so I've created my first virtual offering that we can explore together!


In order to best serve your specific desires & needs, let’s find a time to talk about what you want!

Mutual 'Solo-Tantra' Session

Join me as I guide us through a Tantric masturbation experience to wake up the body, calm the mind, and free our spirit!

For a lot of people, self-pleasuring is usually a quick and limited affair. When our habits and techniques become so formulaic ever time, we are neurologically wiring our capacity for arousal in a limited and rigid way.


And while it might not be as taboo as it used to be, we're still not encouraged to be as adventurous in our solo sex lives as we are in our regular ones.


But our self-pleasure practice can be an essential part of our wellness routine with positive effects ranging from stronger orgasms and a resilient immune system to boosting self-confidence and overall mood. 

This practice is not only for singles but for folks in relationships who want to be a better lover because when we deliberately tune into our mind & body's love language it makes it easier to tune into our partners as well. 


My intention for our time together is simply to experience the joy of being you and bring more pleasure into your life! And we all could use more pleasure right now, am I right?

  • Learn simple ways of breathing that will help you to detox from stress, increase energy levels, and sharpen your sensual intuition 

  • Try on creative ways to touch yourself that will intensify your senses and help you stay rock hard

  • Discover new peaks of arousal and increase the quality and length of your orgasmic edges 

  • Learn which senses truly turn you on: if you're a visual person, watch me perform a striptease - or - if you're more auditory, listen to me say sexy things to you 

  • Want to learn a thing or two about the autonomy of women's pleasure? Let me show you how I like to touch myself!

  • Explore erotic hypnosis: tap into your most influential sex organ - your imagination. Do you have a specific fantasy, kink, or looking for a good mind f----?

  • You are welcome to suggest a different idea or approach to our time together

I require that we connect on a platform that is encrypted, secure, and privacy-friendly. I think the best way to experience this session is by video chat - either two way or you can chose to turn off your video, if that feels more comfortable. I'm also happy to connect by email and send you a personalized video with instructions if you prefer a more solo experience. Discretion and safety are of upmost importance to me! 

This includes a pre-session email with tips and inspiration to help you get in the mood. As well as a complimentary 30 minute follow-up call if you'd like to reflect on our experience and brainstorm ways that you can continue to explore and enhance your self-care practices. 



75 mins / $200

I also offer talk therapy

(w/o mutual self pleasure)

45 mins / $100

If you've enjoyed the services that I offer or believe in the kind of work that me and my colleagues courageously provide, and your income has not been drastically affected by the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, please consider donating to https://www.gofundme.com/f/z6w8v5


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