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Hi! I'm Jesse - sensual guide & coach - and I really love what I do!


Allow me to take you on an adventure to discover what really turns you on and makes you come alive using the tools of neo-tantra*, kink, hypnotherapy, & more!


 For the last 10 years, I’ve dedicated myself to cultivating a dynamic practice. I take great pride in providing services of the highest quality & integrity.


What I've learned is that eroticism isn’t limited to the things we do behind closed doors. Our erotic nature is an important part of who we really are. It’s that inner spark that activates direct experiences of our deepest desires for connection, play, mystery, and love.

I'm a highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioner, and at the heart of what I offer is all about genuine connection. My clients are really incredible people and my life is so much more meaningful because of the time we spend together. 


It is my intention that our playtime is an unforgettable experience that provides you with endless potential for personal growth & inspires an extraordinary life from the inside out.

With regard to Covid-19, I'm fully vaccinated and taking extra precautions to keep my space clean.  Please ask me any questions that may help you make an informed decision about your safety. 


*I use the term  'Tantra' loosely to serve as a starting point for folks looking for a more 'holistic' sensual experience. It's become a popular buzz word with misconceptions in this industry and is often rooted in cultural appropriation. My desire is to understand the rich history, culture(s), & complexity from which the tradition of Tantra comes from and step away from the marketing of an ancient & living esoteric religion & philosophy. 

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~giving credit where credit is due~

  • 'Urban Tantra' Teacher 
         Barbara Carrellas 
  • Sexological Bodywork Practitioner

         Association of Sexological Bodywork

  • Integrative Hypnosis Coach

        Melissa Tiers / Integrative Center of Hypnosis​

  • Divine Feminine Hypnosis Practioner

        Shauna Cummins / National Guild of Hypnotists

  • Yoga Tantra Teacher 

         Agama Yoga 

  • Integrated Energy Therapy, Level 3 
         Minka Brooklyn
  • Shadow Tantra: Getting Conscious with Kink Seminar

         Seani Love / School of Erotic Mysterious 

  • Dominance Development Seminar

        Miss Couple / La Domaine Esemar​

  • Polarity Therapy Immersion Seminar 

        Life Energy Institute 

  • 5 Year Erotic Arts Apprenticeship

         Shivas Angels 

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