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Hi! I'm Jesse - sensual guide & bodyworker - and I really love what I do!


For over a decade, I’ve dedicated myself to cultivating a dynamic practice using the tools of neo-tantra*, kink, hypnotherapy, & more! 

My journey began after moving to NYC in 2011 to work for a women's rights non-profit. Within a few days of living here, I would meet my first sacred sexuality teacher on the dance floor. I embarked on a comprehensive apprenticeship learning the art of neo-tantra bodyworkI've continued my love of learning with a diverse field of modalities and teachers.

What I've learned is that eroticism isn’t limited to the things we do behind closed doors. Our erotic wisdom is an important part of who we really are. It’s that inner spark leading us to experience life's most important lessons of connection, play, mystery, and love.

I often work with folks seeking to restore their minds and hearts with the healing power of loving touch. Exploring holistic alternatives to a variety of sexual psychosomatic conditioning. Moving through important life transitions. Wanting to create a more positive relationship with self & in partnerships. 


*I use the term  'Tantra' loosely to serve as a starting point for holistic sexual wellness. It's become a popular buzz word with misconceptions in this industry and is often rooted in cultural appropriation. My desire is to understand the rich history, culture(s), & complexity from which the tradition of Tantra comes from and step away from the marketing of an ancient & living esoteric philosophy & path. 

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~giving credit where credit is due~

  • 'Urban Tantra' Teacher 
        Barbara Carrellas 
  • Sexological Bodywork Practitioner

        Association of Sexological Bodywork


  • Yoga Tantra Teacher 

        Agama Yoga 

  • Integrative Hypnosis Coach

        Melissa Tiers / Integrative Center of Hypnosis​

  • Divine Feminine Hypnosis Practioner

        Shauna Cummins / National Guild of Hypnotists

  • Sexual Freedom Hypnosis Practioner 
        Kaz Riley 
  • NLP Core Transformation Advanced Training
        Tamara Andreas

I owe a deep gratitude to dedicated teachers outside of formal credentialism. Thank you for your wise guidance & friendship: Candice, Matt, Ian, Malcolm 

  • Thai Yoga Massage, Level 1
        Lotus Palm
  • Integrated Energy Therapy, Level 3 
        Minka Brooklyn
  • Craniosacral Seminars, Level 1
        Life Energy Institute 
  • Shadow Tantra: Getting Conscious with Kink Seminar

        Seani Love / School of Erotic Mysteries 

  • Dominance Development Seminar

        Miss Couple / La Domaine Esemar​

  • Clown, Level 3
        Brooklyn Comedy Collective

  • 5 Year Erotic Arts Apprenticeship

        Shivas Angels 

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