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I take great pride in providing services of the highest quality & integrity.


 I consider it a matter of both ethics and efficacy to only take clients that I believe we can build a positive connection together. 

This is a meaningful investment. I encourage you to do your research and decide what kind of experience matters most to you.


3hrs / $1000

2hrs avail for returning clients

I'm available before our session to plan our time together, offer resources & homework, and a complimentary 15min post-session integration call.


2hrs / $400

$300 for returning clients 

I'm available before our session to plan our time together & offer resources & homework.

If you'd like to explore both offerings in 1 session, I offer 4hrs / $1400

Why do I not offer shorter engagements? 

Even though we are busy with everyday responsibilities and hectic schedules, we need quality time to really renew ourselves. There are certain pleasures in life one should never rush.

I admire each and every person who gathers the courage to schedule an appointment with me and seek support for themselves, their relationships, their families. Many thanks to those whose donation helps me to do the same. 

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