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My practice is generated by my lifelong study of generosity. It is the act of giving that lies the expression of my true wealth. Over the years, I've met clients who also understand the potency of generosity and we've shared great heartfelt gestures together that I cherish. I love to both give and receive generosity of all kinds: 


  • I offer 1 discounted session per month. Please contact me if you feel deeply called to be here but have current financial barriers. 

  • I'll consider bartering arrangements. Please contact me with your barter proposal.

  • Do you want to learn to do what I do? I offer limited teaching opportunities starting at $150/hr. Please inquire for details.

  • If you want to use me as a reference, I’m happy to help as long as our last session was within the past year.  Please send me a polite message &(/or) a small gift card to clear it by me first. You may share my website and email but not my phone number. Thank you for honoring our confidentiality. 


  • I love to dress up! Here are a few of my favorites (I prefer gift cards):

  • I also love to study different therapeutic healing modalities. Make a donation towards my continuing education. 

Gratitude From Clients: I'm truly grateful for my clients and I love to receive feedback. Here are a few quotes:

  • "I am certainly energized and invigorated to say the least. You are a special goddess, articulate not only with your words but also with your body.  I very much enjoyed your remarkable intellect and exceptional skills as a sensual guide."

  • "Where do I start? It's crazy because I feel it. I FEEL. It's insane. The energy still lingers in my body. I had such an amazing time with you and learning about you, sensuality & eroticism."

  • "There was also something you said during our session that really stuck with me. I don't think I have ever looked at myself in the mirror and felt like I was deserving of that kind of love, but you showed me that..."

  • "I've noticed I'm more unlocked sexually, and become aroused in a frequent basis now with my GF. All cuz of you. Thank you for the gifts you bring to the world. You’re a consummate professional."

  • "You continue to give me a lot to think about, and I’m so grateful for this insight. I’ve been trying to be good to myself and positive things are happening."

  • "Some of the things we talked about have really helped in a major way with my partner and we are feeling more connected than ever. We are both experiencing plenty of great things together and I’m making more time for myself as well." 

  • "THANK YOU GODDESS!  That was an amazingly beautiful, sexy, and energizing experience. I love every minute that we shared together." 

  • "Thank you for being such a positive, kind, and trusting soul. And also for sharing your expertise with me today. I walked away feeling euphoric and more confident to take on the challenges ahead."

  • "Let me begin my saying that I fully understand the professional nature of our meeting last Thursday. That, however, does not change how meaningful the session was to me and the impact it has had on, well, my life. I cannot describe how healing that session was for me. Beyond all the physical and mental things I felt, it was so liberating. I feel I released so much bad stuff there. I still have a lot of things inside but I feel more prepared to deal with them. And I feel more connected with myself. I always felt that I was missing something, that there was a little hole there bothering me. And I begin to understand what I was missing and I understand that I am capable of more."

  • "This experience has given me way more than I could have expected so thank you so much for that

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