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This is a meaningful investment of financial resources, time, and energy. I encourage you to do your research and decide what kind of experience matters most to you.

I consider it a matter of both ethics and efficacy to only work with clients that I believe in and can come to care deeply for. I put my heart and soul into each session and I expect to be met with the same energy.

I want to make my work more accessible so I've decided to try out a sliding-scale option. No explanation needed. What you choose in that range is completely up to you, and it can vary from session to session. 


I do ask that you pick an amount that feels mutually generous to you. 


 Tipping is standard in this industry. I set my prices accordingly so that I'm not reliant on it. You're welcome to leave a gratuity if it gives you pleasure. 

2 hrs / $900 to $600

3hrs / $1200 to $900

+ I offer limited coaching calls - 50 mins / $100


I admire each and every person who gathers the courage to seek support for themselves, their relationships, their families. Many thanks to those whose donation helps me to do the same. 

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