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Sensual Loving Bodywork

I'm grateful for the unique opportunity to spend over a decade working intimately with remarkable gentlemen: leaders, creators, adventurers, husbands, fathers, lovers; who are in their early 20’s to 90’s.


I believe the healing magic of this practice is deep and simple. Touch is perhaps the most potent exchange that exists between human beings. Our skin is our relational organ, our first language, and with attuned presence reveals the physical and emotional intimacy we truly long for. 

Listening, holding, and inviting pleasure gives rise to our bodies natural instinct to be excited about our lifeforce essence. Sexual curiosity is life curiosity.  Experience connected sensual bodywork that reacquaints you with your passionate heart. Something to be revered and consciously cultivated. 


Along the way, you may discover how to be more sincerely intimate with the life that is right here. Change the way you relate to yourself and through it every relationship in your life. Nourishing a life you want to make love to every day in great and quiet ways.


 My hope is that you join me as fellow explorers into the deeper realms of relating, the mystery of Eros. I’ll share the terrain and tools, and together we’ll exchange field notes on life and love.  

What happens during our session:

My intention is to create a space of relative safety. I promise to make you feel comfortable from the second you walk in and see my genuine smile. I guide at the pace of trust, following the connection, and simply be together. 


We’ll chat for a few, explore embodiment exercises, and set intentions. What is it you most want to be experiencing, learning, or expressing during our journey? 


Our bodywork begins with easing into relaxed, open presence - our ideal state for long-lasting exploration. Inviting the mind-body to recharge and repair with elements of cranial-sacral, energy work, and guided meditation. Releasing the day's stress with deep tissue. Holding you in grounding stillness. Teasing with the tips of my fingers, and enlivening every inch of your whole being. Trying different touches, pressures, and strokes to learn more about what your body loves.


It’s not so much about the techniques as it is about the sincere attention behind it. A wise guide told me that the most powerful force in the universe is the curious, nurturing feminine. Poetically speaking, I'm calling forth my highest muse - a blend of nonjudgemental clarity and lovingkindness - an energetic signature that is always available for both of us to play with. 

The touchstone of our journey is heartcock loveplay. Honoring the most intimate parts of your body with the presence, care, and respect they deserve. 


Men put a lot of pressure on themselves to perform sexually. It's seems me to just be societal conditioning that no one signs-up for. In our session, the tempo is so, so slow to enhance sensitivity and receptivity. Methodically building up buzzing, hot energetic passion with our breath, sound, and movement. Cultivating your vital energy inward, activating your heart-cock connection, and drawing nourishment from it. Weaving in moments of rest to re-center and relish in the ever present moment. (Prostate play is avail)

I will be checking in throughout this portion. It's not merely to be courteous or respectful. It is also about acknowledging our innate, creative capabilities to recognize and understand the body's subtle sensations and intelligence. 

We’ll embrace intimacy inside of intimacy. The space to feel, breathe, open up to expressions of joy, passion, wonder, gratitude. Perhaps slowly letting down our heart’s armor and allowing grittier feelings of disconnection, anxiety, shame, grief to be seen & heard. There is a precious nectar in being intimate with ourselves. You will be encouraged to explore at your own rhythm. 


Whatever arises, we welcome it and even dare it to be our aphrodisiac into even higher ecstatic states of inner union. Let's uncover a more authentic embodiment of our erotic selfhood through open-minded, warm-hearted, deeply passionate play. 

When we finish, we'll cuddle and ground. Sometimes big insights, strong emotions, and even spontaneous mystical experiences can occur. I promise to honor our  journey from beginning to end. As you might just find yourself embarking on a new path of Eros that truly has no end. 


I've crafted a unique approach to help with performance anxiety, low libido, erection challenges, etc. Enlisting principles of Thai yoga bodywork, Daoist reflexology, and somatic parts work (yes, we may talk to your Johnson.) I don't claim to have any solutions or answers. I do however know the power of slow, attuned, and one-on-one relational work. What's more compelling is the measure of your heart and guts. 

Kinky (3hrs only): These days my kink is doing simple things elegantly. Kink doesn’t have to be serious business. It can be really silly & tender. It does require an emphasis on choice, respect, and consent. 


I offer:

  • Rope bondage: explore the paradoxical nature of tension and surrender with a single piece of rope. Avail for all body types.

  • Goddess worship: serve the Goddess in me, and the gracious apprentice within you. I love having my heels, stockings, and feet adored.

  • Light moments of rough housing / impact play. Sensual, rhythmic, and surprisingly stress relieving. 

  • Mindful dirty talk. I don't follow scripts. I follow feeling.


There is no right way to steward our energy. I do ask that we approach each other with the understanding that we don't work on-demand or under pressure of expectation. We both reserve the right to have our sacred No's honored at all times. 

Light mutual touch can be included in this session. I understand that giving back is a joyful gift to offer me. I'm an incredibly passionate, loving natured woman when I know that my boundaries are respected.


To be clear, I do not provide extras, fluid bonding, full union, GFE. I do not see clients outside of work. Please be a gentleman and do not ask for these services. I hope to serve as your guide, muse, and friend. 


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