Sensual Tantra Bodywork

With my intuitive sensuality and sincere attention, I will take you to prolonged peaks of pleasure that will leave you feeling recharged, balanced, and deeply connected to what excites you long after our session.

What happens during our session:

We will begin by checking in about your desires and intentions. It's important that we get to the heart of the matter. I will share a few tools to practice during our time together to immediately relax your physical and emotional state as well as to build a connection between us

We will spend the majority of time together exploring the power of touch. I'll begin to touch in a way that gives your mind-body a chance to rest, repair, & recharge with elements of deep tissue, acupressure, energy work, and guided meditation. Once you are in a deep state of relaxation, I’ll slowly awaken your sensuality with intentional teasing, tantric tools, mindful dirty talk, and extended edging. (Prostate play is available) Together we will discover your hot spots and turn on your innate wild side as we flow through timeless peaks of intimate excitement and ignite the real kind of passion you’ve been craving.

Our session ends with cuddling and grounding with a head and foot rub as you bask in the afterglow. Sometimes big insights and strong emotions come up and I encourage you to feel fully self-expressed throughout the whole experience.

The best attitude to bring to our session is that pleasure is an open-ended, never-ending experience. I encourage you to drop any expectations or goals for our session to end in a certain way. I promise to carefully craft our session in a way that compliments our chemistry and honors your needs as a man. 

For this session, touch is primarily one-way. I encourage you to give yourself permission to enjoy the experience of receiving loving and attentive touch with no pressure to perform or "earn it". I understand that giving back can be important to some of us and I allow light mutual touch above the belt with verbal consent.


To be clear, I do not provide extras, full union, fluid bonding, GFE so please be a gentleman and do not ask for these services. 


I hope to serve as your guide, muse, and friend during our time together. We may share meaningful moments of intimacy, vulnerability, and love. If you leave our session with an open heart, please do not conflate this experience with a personal romantic love. (I do not see clients outside of sessions). You are in essence deepening your appreciation of the love already within you.

2 hrs / $600

I offer coaching calls before & after our session 60 min / $150 

+outcall+ / private car service to/from Williamsburg, Brooklyn ($100-200)

My rates are non-negotiable. Please visit my generosity page here.

Why do I not offer shorter engagements? 

Even though we are busy with everyday responsibilities and hectic schedules, we need quality time to really recharge. There are certain pleasures in life one should never rush.  I believe our playtime together is an investment in your well-being! 

Now, if you’re wondering if we’re a good fit, let me help you decide! 

I love to see gentleman:

  • Of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, body types, and abilities.

  • Seeking professional guidance and a non-judgmental space to explore, nurture, and celebrate your authentic erotic nature. 

  • Who want to cultivate a more positive relationship with self and show up more fully for the relationships in your life​.

  • Who are excited and curious (it's normal to also be a little nervous or awkward).