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Playtime & Cuddling

Eros plays a central role in our lives. Eros includes sex but also transcends it. It beckons us to uncover what we long for in intimacy. Revealing our tremendous capacity to feel, to connect, to express, and explore wildly. Bringing out both the best & worst in us all. Like a relentless lover who deeply understands that our soul craves variety in order to learn and grow. Underneath it all, Eros is a sacred privilege that grants us the chance of life itself. 

Yet we have few maps that honor this passionate path. Our current framework reduces Eros to a stimulant. Our intimacy stays superficial. Stuck in performance-based reward systems. Buried beneath guilt, shame, disconnect. I often hear from folks that they consider themselves to be curious sexual beings. Yet their sex life is unsatisfying, and they know something is missing.

How do we become responsible stewards of our Eros? Why are we awakened by love? What stops us from experiencing more joy, feeling sexy, from being in the most devoted love affair with the magic of who we really  are? 

This offering is designed to be a playground where we find out what happens when we become fully alive, sensual, and living true from our deeper heart. 


Please note: This is clothing-on sensual healing work. I’ll be in a t-shirt and leggings. 

You’re invited to wear something comfy. 

What happens during our session:

Our time together is divided into 3 parts: coaching, playtime, and cuddling.


Part I: Coaching is about cultivating a positive relationship with your mind, body, and spirit. Our capacity for pleasure also touches our growing edges. We may focus on sexuality, relationships, healing, self-love, or any area of your life. I refer to you as the expert of your experience.

My hope is to equip you with the right tools and education that encourages you to direct your own healing and development.

  • Hypnosis - A refined blend of guided meditation and somatic experiments. Tap into your subconscious reactions, beliefs, intuition, & creative solutions. The core principle of hypnotherapy is that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis meaning you are in the driver seat at all times. I believe it’s as practical as it is magical. 


  • IFS - Internal Family Systems - Is an awkward name for an elegant style of ‘parts therapy.' Instead of suppressing or pushing away the parts that seemingly hold you back, learn to befriend your inner critic, child, wise advocate. Offer your mentorship in helping these parts become the true guides they are meant to be. 


  • Mirror Meditation -The human body is one of the most beautiful things to look at. How do you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you take yourself in? Entrust the light of your awareness that can hold self-criticism & heal superficial standards. And express your authentic radiant & sexy self. As a lover, we share our body as a sacred home for our loved ones. Let’s practice treating such beauty with acceptance & appreciation. (Inspired by Lynn Kreaden's work.) 


Part II: Playtime is life-giving, deepens our emotional empathy, and helps us stay young at heart. It's not so much what we do but how we cultivate 'play' as a state of being.


  • Art of Foreplay - Forget about 1st & 2nd base. Practice how foreplay is not only touch & verbal but also emotional & energetic. Embody your love language & core erotic feelings in real and liberating ways.


  • Taste of Tantra - Experience the exquisite fun of weaving taste, sound, smell, sight together. Also if you'd like to take your studies more seriously, I can show simple but powerful yogic breathing and tantric meditation practices.


  • Acts of Service - For those who love to give, I'll guide you in preparing and sharing a foot bath & foot massage for me. For the sake of discovery, not performance. Practice giving this gift to share with your lover to encourage feelings of safety, love, and being worshipped. 


  • Clowning Around -Seriously, sorta. Please allow me to share ludicrous games I've picked up from clown class. I feel that clowning is a direct path to the spontaneous childlike spirit within. Restore our playful impulses and celebrate our quirky peculiarities. The clown is the master of failure, Reinhard “Filou” Horstkotte. Plus being silly is incredibly sexy. 

  • Do you have an idea? Let's see if/how we can incorporate it into our session. I want to celebrate what turns you on! Sensual play happens beyond the bedroom and in all areas of our life.​

Part III: Simply be together in the healing power of cuddling. Cuddling has been shown to increase oxytocin, improve immune function, lower blood pressure, and ease chronic pain. Even more promising is how cuddling nurtures our emotional needs for care, affection, and love.


Our cuddling time is more active as this medium shines a unique spotlight on our intimacy skills. Prolonged whole-body touching requires more emotional vulnerability than we may think. In our regular sexual interactions, we have certain assumptions about what we're supposed to feel and where we expect it to lead. With cuddling, we step away from needing to do more stuff and learn to notice yourself and each other more.


We'll begin by entering into a deep state of relaxation with elements of cranial-sacral, energy work, and guided meditation. I’ll guide us in taking turns giving and receiving different kinds of cuddles. Taking time to become aware of what your body says feels good in the moment and any emotions that arise.


You may become sexually aroused while we cuddle. Our sexual energy is safe in this container but we won’t be exploring it. I'm not offering a dry humping grind sesh. What we’re doing here, among other things, is de-conflating touch and sex. Touch can nourish a whole range of needs and desires that is not about sex at all. Learnings you can bring back and share in your relationships. 


Please note, these activities will vary and we'll only have time to explore a few in each session. This isn't a shopping trip. It's more like jumping out of a plane into the deep end of our souls. I promise to carefully craft our time that honors your specific needs and desires. 

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