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Couples Session

Let’s set aside quality time to explore an easy to learn sensual bodywork routine that can be incorporated into your weekly schedule. It's always fun to plan, costs almost nothing, and it only gets BETTER & BETTER each time. Even if you are already great in bed, you may be surprised to find out how healing touch can convey a huge amount of meaning to the person you love! 

What happens during our session:

We'll begin by chatting about your mutual and individual needs, desires, and intentions.  I will guide us in a simple breathing and eye gazing exercise to immediately balance you and your partner’s physical and emotional states. Followed by a simple 3-minute game (created by Harry Faddis) to help you slow down and really learn how to notice, trust, and express touch that is both pleasurable and satisfying.  


With a combination of verbal guidance and physical touch, I will share a full-body, sensual-healing bodywork routine that is tailored to complement your specific chemistry. I invite each partner to take turns being in the role of 'giver' and the other as the 'recipient'.  I can show you ways to give and receive a sensual touch that is simply nurturing, that rides the waves of arousal for hours, or will be the perfect 'foreplay' to full-on lovemaking


The best attitude to bring to our session is that of an open mind, curious heart, and authenticity to be with whatever comes up. I promise to only guide you at your own pace and you will never have to do anything that you are not comfortable with.

Here are some of the benefits you can experience from our time together:

As Giver: 

  • learn to feel confident using your hands in a creative and sensual way that allows you to be present with the person you love​ 

  • gain communication skills to express only what you can give with a full heart to your partner

  • experience the possibility of receiving pleasure through giving, instead of feeling exhausted​​

As Receiver: 

  • feel comfortable and sexy in your own skin

  • gain confidence in knowing what you want and how to ask for it 

  • enjoy your willingness to receive from others while allowing someone else the pleasure and opportunity to give 

This session is appropriate for lovers:

  • folks of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, body types, and abilities

  • in a long-term partnership or who just met and looking for new ways to deepen your sensual connection

  • who are both excited and curious (it's normal to also be a little nervous or awkward)

  • who are seeking creative options for safer sex practices

Starting at 3hrs, please visit my donation page for pricing 

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