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Tantra Coaching 

I'm grateful for the unique opportunity to spend over a decade working intimately with remarkable gentlemen: leaders, creators, adventurers, husbands, fathers, lovers; who are in their early 20’s to 90’s (one of my dearest clients is 91).

This offering is my desire to reimagine high-level life coaching and reclaim the bedroom as a playground for personal transformation. This is my invitation for those who are ready to harness their erotic potential to uncover the next best vision and version of themselves!

What happens during our VIP session:

Our time together is divided into 3 parts: coaching, playtime, and bodywork. I promise to guide you at the pace of trust, and to make you feel comfortable from the second that you walk in and see my genuine smile. 

Part 1: is about cultivating a positive relationship with your mind, body, and spirit. I’ll guide you in a simple breathing exercise to slow down, activate your imagination, and connect to what matters most to you. We may focus on sexuality, relationships, healing, self-love, or any area of your life. I refer to you as the expert of your experience.

I use a variety of transformative, evidence-based, and non-pathological tools:

  • Hypnosis -  similar to guided meditation; enter into extended & heightened theta brain wave states, tap into subconscious beliefs & subtle feelings, foster intuition, curiosity, & creative solutions. The core principle of hypnotherapy is that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis meaning you are in the driver seat at all times.

  • NLP - Neural Linguistic Programing - is essentially self-directed neuroplasticity. A collection of techniques used to optimize your brain's built-in plasticity to unlock & update your personal maps of reality that you can keep using after our session.

  • IFS - Internal Family Systems - is an awkward name for an elegant style of ‘parts therapy.' Based off the idea that you have internalized sub-personalities, instead of suppressing or pushing away the parts that seemingly hold you back, learn to befriend & create supportive relationships with your inner critic, child, wise advocate.  

  • Somatic Resourcing - is defined by the active engagement of the innate healing capabilities of the mind-body-soul. Develop a deeper dialogue with the regenerative messages of your being, better manage & even marvel at all your emotional experiences, empower a stable core sense of self. 

  • Heart Centered Listening - inspired by HeartMath; encourage the language of the heart & experience the benefits of being present in such a way that allows you to become a source of love and acceptance for yourself & others.

Part II: is focused on play. Play is life-giving, generating new ideas, deepens emotional empathy, and helps us stay young at heart. Please note, we will only explore 1-2 of these games. Sometimes less is more. It's not so much what we do but how we cultivate 'play' as a state of being. 

  • Art of foreplay - practice how foreplay is not only touch & verbal but also emotional & energetic, romantic & silly.

  • Giving & Receiving - learn how to truly listen to communicate what you really want (and your boundaries), better embody your love language & core erotic feelings in clear, real, and liberating ways.

  • Taste of Tantra - experience the exquisite fun of weaving taste, sound, smell, sight together. Also if you'd like to take your studies more seriously, I can show simple but powerful yogic breathing and tantric meditation practices.

  • Feel sexy & confident- it's important for men to feel sexy and desired too! It's not about the way you look, it’s about the way you honor yourself. Let's welcome the sexiest, most vibrant version of you to come out & play, including laughing at ourselves a lot

  • Yoni Massage  - for the sake of discovery, not performance; practice giving this gift to share with your lover to encourage feelings of safety, love, and being worshipped. 

  • Do you have specific desires or fantasies? Let's see if/how we can incorporate it into our session - I want to celebrate what turns you on! Even if it's as simple as strip poker or "blind drawing" as I pose as your lingerie model. It doesn't have to be focused on sexuality. Sensual play happens beyond the bedroom and in all areas of our life.

Part III: The majority of our time together is about exploring the healing power of presence and loving touch. I carefully craft our touch work to honor your specific needs and desires. 


We will begin by entering into a deep state of relaxation. I will touch you in a way that gives your mind-body a chance to rest, repair, & recharge with elements of deep tissue, acupressure, energy work, and guided meditation.


Together we will slowly active your erotic energy and ignite a real, meaningful kind of sensual exploration with tantric tools, mindful dirty talk, and extended edging (prostate play is also available). Discover your hot spots and turn on your innate wild side as we flow through timeless peaks of intimate excitement.


We can also turn the bedroom into a laboratory. Together, we will foster curiosity & a whole lot of heart to open up and deeply listen to your body's story. Embrace intimacy inside of intimacy. Encourage expressions of joy, passion, wonder, gratitude; and process underlying feelings of disconnection, anxiety, shame, and grief.


I've crafted a unique approach to help rewire performance anxiety, low libido, erectile difficulties, etc. I've learned over the years that neo-tantra does not offer an instant fix. It's not meant to be either because no one is broken. Let this be the call of a spiritual quest for deeper happiness & freedom. An opportunity to come home to yourself. A chance to find and fortify the spirit of wonderment within each moment and situation that this life is offering you.

You are welcome to bring toys but please let me know beforehand. Strap-on play is available only for 4 hr sessions but not for our first playdate because it's a special activity that requires an established kinship. 


When we finish, we can cuddle and I will gently ground you as you bask in the afterglow. Sometimes big insights, strong emotions, and even spontaneous mystical experiences can occur. I encourage you to feel fully self-expressed throughout the whole experience. 

There is no right way to foster erotic power. Give yourself permission to drop any expectations or judgements and, open up to what feels most authentic in each moment. Vulnerability is the key to greater intimacy.

Light mutual touch can be included in this session. I understand that giving back is a joyful gift to offer me. I'm an incredibly passionate woman when I feel safe and I know that my boundaries are respected.


We both reserve the right to have our sacred No's honored at all times. Our session is also a chance to learn to be with & manage feelings of rejection. This skill ultimately makes for more fulfilling relationships than trying to avoid rejection all together. 

To be clear, I do not provide extras, full union, fluid bonding, GFE so please be a gentleman and do not ask for these services. I hope to serve as your guide, muse, and friend. I do not see clients outside of sessions.


This session is for gentleman:

  • Of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, body types, and abilities.

  • Curious about neotantra and/or kink. Seeking professional guidance and a non-judgmental space to explore, nurture, and celebrate your erotic energy.

  • Seeking to cultivate more positive relationship with self and show up more fully for the relationships in your life​.

  • Moving through a transition, at a crossroads, or any kind of change that can be exciting and challenging. 


  • Healing from heartbreak & in need of space to grieve, release pain, gain insight, and find joy during difficult times​.

  • Looking for inspiration, working through a creative block, want to explore the ​innermost intersection of sensual, creative, spiritual energy (it's all life force).

  • Ready for the commitment and momentum that comes with having a coach that fully believes in you and is there to support you.

  • My work is trauma-informed. However it is not a substitute for licensed counseling, psychiatric care, or medical treatment.

Starting at 3hrs, please visit my donation page for pricing 

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